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Quality in every moment

Calida is a leading Swiss lingerie company. The mission of Calida is to create the best underwear. For each and every day. Each and every night. For big and small. Thoughout your lifetime. Clothing only feels good when, beyond the skin, it touches the heart.

Our approach

Calida had a b2b problem to solve: how to present the collections to store assistants in a fully digital way? Our first objective was to create a visual template that would show both product details and the model in full view. Technically, we had to be flawless, as the skin colors were very close to the shades of the clothes. Mastering color grading was a key step in the project.


  • Production house

  • Director

    Jonathan Viey
  • Cameramen

    Julien Christe
    Aurélie Morrison
  • Editing

    Jim Rathe
  • Thanks

    Alison Viey


  • Storytelling

    Conceptualization & Storytelling
    Art direction
  • Film production

    Film production
    Color grading
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