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EHL – Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne

Redefining Hospitality Leadership

Imagine students acquiring soft skills in simulation games, developing a strategic mindset in junior consulting jobs and practicing management techniques in their extra-curricular activities? This is EHL, where we redefine hospitality leadership as a smart mix of autonomous thinking, respect, empathy and caring for others. We believe that soft skills paired with great know-how is what defines the most inspiring people.

Our approach

EHL wanted to create a new proprietary image bank to promote their programs. Krew won the mandate. Our expertise in creating images that reflect the brand, the culture and the values of EHL, at the crossroads of a reportage and staged photography, convinced EHL to collaborate with us. A style that reinforces the company’s new visual identity: modern, welcoming and human centric. 5 days of shooting allowed us to completely renew the image bank of this prestigious client.


  • Project manager

  • Photographer

    Jonathan Viey
  • Assistant

    Jim Rathe


  • Photography

    Color grading
    Photo retouching
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