Nendaz Freeride

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Nendaz Freeride

World’s biggest freeride competition

The Nendaz Freeride is now one of the world’s biggest freeride competitions. Top skiers and snowboarders of the Freeride World Qualifier circuit gather in a bid to win a place on the Freeride World Tour the following year. In all, the ten-day features seven contests (Junior, 1* FWQ, 2* FWQ, 3* FWQ, 4* FWQ, Kids and Backcountry Invitational), more than 500 participants, a music & film festival, as well as two competition villages in the resort and up on the mountain.

Our challenge

Difficult terrain, blood-curdling temperatures, a backpack weighing over 15kg. Despite these constraints, we ensure impeccable image quality and we innovate every year to obtain the most spectacular images.
Our challenge is not just to capture the images. To give the event maximum visibility, we provide the organisers with daily content. The images are edited on site and are available a few hours after the end of the competition.
Daily summaries include content for social networks, branded content for sponsors and journalists, live broadcasts directing – these are some of the services that the Krew team has been providing to the Nendaz freeride organization since 2020.


  • Production house

  • Director

    Jonathan Viey
  • Live production

    Aurélie Morrison
    Steve Morales
  • FPV drone

    Florent Demaere
  • Cameramen

    Julien Christe
    Jim Rathe
    Pascal Giordani
  • Account manager

    Cyril Lanfranchi
    Mathilde Kolly


  • Film production

    Film production
    Aerial images (Classic & FPV)
    Color grading
  • Storytelling

    Conceptualization & Storytelling
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