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Novastone Capital
Novastone Capital Advisors

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Novastone Capital Advisors (NCA) is a Swiss company, founded by a consortium of Single Family Offices, that runs an Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program. NCA’s ETA program is a highly specialized process that connects investors with talented entrepreneurs who are looking to locate, acquire, manage, and grow a privately held company.

Our approach

We have worked with NCA since the beginning, collaborating on their website design and content (video production and photography). NCA is a fast-growing company. To keep pace, we have set up a flexible production and efficient editing method without compromising the output quality. As a result, every month we deliver several media contents in multiple languages.


  • Agency

  • Cameramen

    Jim Rathe
    Aurélie Morrison
  • Photographer

    Jonathan Viey
  • Makeup artist

    Anna Michel
  • Account manager

    Lisa Michaeli


  • Photography

    Photo retouching
  • Film production

    Film production
    Color grading
  • Storytelling

    Art direction
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