Reedin Swiss

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Reedin Swiss

Reedin Swiss

The Reedin Swiss team is a community of riders who mainly ride on Swiss lakes. Winter and summer alike, there’s no stopping this group of enthusiasts who love to share their passion for kitesurfing.

Our passion meet our job

Our collaboration with Reedin Swiss is the very essence of the motivation that drives the members of Krew. Sharing our passions through images.

Jonathan Viey

Reedin Swiss x Breitling Lausanne squad

We are proud to support this collective with their sporting and local values whom we share. We look forward to the next steps of our journey together 🤙



  • Photographer

    Jonathan Viey
  • Project manager

    Yann Monbaron
  • Riders

    Jérome Krieg
    Loïc Jacot-Guillarmod
    Jonas Jaques
    Alexandre Simonin
    Basile Baumberger
    Carole Essinger
    Jim Rathe


  • Photography

    Color grading
    Photo retouching
  • Film production

    Film production
    Aerial images (Classic & FPV)